How to practice cybersex? The virtual solution for remote relations

How to practice cybersex? The virtual solution for remote relations

Distance does not have to be a problem to practice sex. The alternative? The cybersex! Here are some tips.

If you have a long distance relationship, you surely understand what we mean. Although sex is not the main engine in a relationship, it is one of the most important parts that we most need. That’s why today we want to show you an ideal solution to liven up those times of drought: cybersex.

New technologies have left sexting behind and have made it evolve. Thanks to computers, innovative sex toys and various mobile applications, we can experience sex in a different way. Today we tell you everything there is to know to practice cybersex and what factors must be taken into account.

How to practice cybersex?

The most important element when maintaining a sexual relationship at a distance is a computer. Once we are connected with our partner, both visually and sonorously, the most important thing is to act naturally. Trust in our partner is the most important thing to feel comfortable and not force the situation.

1. Act as you would if you had your partner next to you. You just have to think about what things you would do if you could be physically together. To start, you can slowly peel off the clothes in front of the screen: dare with an insinuating striptease to warm up the situation.

2. Unleash your imagination. Since we can not physically demonstrate to our partner everything we would like to do with her, it is important that we describe it through words. Ask him to explain in detail what parts of your body he would like to kiss, where he would like to touch you or how and where he would like to do it. It is the perfect time to resort to any erotic fantasy you have in mind and let it know.

3. Explore your own body. To reach orgasm this time you depend on your own hands. That is why it is important that you know your body well: masturbation will be your great ally this time. Tap while listening to your partner describe what he wants to do with you and ask him to do it too. Do not be afraid to share that exciting moment in front of the camera.

4. Use sex toys. They can be very useful when relieving the desire and, although they are usually reserved for privacy, you can include them in your virtual sex session. There are plenty of toys for both men and women. Here we leave you some of the most popular options:

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Apps to unleash passion

The new technologies have wanted to deepen in the field of cybersex to make relations more bearable at a distance. In addition to sex toys, in the last years different applications focused on virtual pleasure have also been developed. These are some of the most used:

Skype: it is the most simple and popular. It allows us to make video calls through the computer or mobile, which facilitates the situation when having virtual sex since we can see our partner in real time.
Bliss: this application transforms sex into a game. Through it you can choose your favorite music for the moment, select what clothes you wear and adjust your sexual preferences. By rolling the dice, the application will tell you what the next step is to raise the temperature between the two.

Fundawear: this is an idea created by the brand of Durex condoms, which recently launched a collection of underwear that can be connected to our smartphone through an application. With it we can send vibrations to our partner, who will feel them in specific points thanks to vibratory motors that are installed in the clothes.
Klic Klic: more than an application, it is an erotic toy that can be found in both male and female versions. It has the shape of a normal vibrator, only that it incorporates an innovation: it can be connected through bluetooth or Internet to share sensations with our partner and simultaneously transmit sexual movements through vibrations.

What should be avoided when having cybersex?

Although it is a good experience that allows us to connect with our partner, before practicing this type of sex we must take into account a number of factors. In the first place, do not feel pressured when doing it, it is something that has to be desired and with what you have to feel comfortable. Before doing it, check that nobody is at home and that you are alone, it seems obvious, but remember that the walls have ears! And finally, it is important that you protect your privacy and make sure that no one is recording the moment. The webcam of our computer is one of the most susceptible elements to hackers, so it is advisable to download a program that protects us from unwanted spies. A touch of romance Obviously, in a relationship, not everything is limited to sex: it is also important to maintain romanticism. For many miles that separate us from our partner, we can never forget to tell him those two words that we like to hear so much. We teach you how to say I love you in 101 different langua.

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