Couple: take advantage of every corner of the house!

Couple: take advantage of every corner of the house!

It is at home where we created our routine and, of course, sex was not going to be out of it. For this reason we want you and your partner to get the most out of each corner, how? We tell you!

What do we do with the furniture?
It would not be the first time that we have given you advice to decorate your house. But this time we talk about the furniture differently, also without spending money!

Did you know that furniture can also be recycled? As if it were magic, your old chair can be transformed into an authentic love seat and your table falls on a piece of furniture with a more sexy touch. Who would have thought that your furniture could acquire a more erotic touch? With a little imagination and adapting some postures, you will start to see your home sweet home with different eyes.

But beware! All these pirouettes can only be practiced in privacy, so you should not show yourself in front of your neighbors or prying eyes. So you know, forget about pouncing on your beloved during your visits to Ikea … A little composure, please.

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Having sex in a chair

The sexy furniture: a chair, suddenly, happens to be one of the most erotic furniture in your home, you just have to throw a little imagination … It does not matter if it’s in the kitchen, in the living room or in your office , as if it is vintage or the most modern. The important thing is to take advantage of it!

The top position: put yourself in situation. He seated, his back straight against the backrest, his legs slightly tightened and his feet anchored to the floor. Stand in front of him, with his legs spread. Surround it with your legs and arms. It sounds good, right?

The foot: a tender, affectionate position and allows you to look yourself in the eyes. The four hands are free and can caress your bodies. You are in the position of the captain: it is you who sets the pace, you can accelerate or slow down the rhythm, as well as the depth of the penetration.

Eye! Avoid chairs with a straw seat and back … this could scrape your partner’s butt. Also avoid plastic chairs that can make you slip.

Have sex in the shower

The sexy place: honestly, that lovemaking in the bathtub only exists in the movies. In reality, we prefer the shower, more ordinary, but much more practical and comfortable!

The top posture: lean well against the wall and not against the shower curtain or the shower glass … it can be dangerous. Open your legs a little and let your man raise you to his height, so that both sexes are on the same level. Surround him with your legs and hold on to his back for balance.

The foot: this position is a must, it is a “mandatory” posture. In the shower, you can make aquatic preliminaries with the shower head whose water slowly falls on the body of the other …

eye! green light to everything that is water, and red light to soap, shower gels, oils … You can slip and you can do a lot of damage!

Having sex on the couch

The sexy furniture: some have a weakness for leather sofas, others for the most classic armchairs … for taste the colors! Be that as it may, sex on the couch is going to love you. The essential thing is that the seat in which you will launch into the arms of your boy, can recline.

The top position: your better half is comfortably lying on your favorite sofa. Come and stand on top of him. Open your legs and place your feet on the backrest. Approach your pelvis to your pubis and start a delicious movement to get inside you. You maintain balance by supporting yourself on your feet and arms.

The foot: this position allows you to devour yourself with your eyes, leaving your man to caress your body. Your inclination and the opening of your legs invite to a deeper penetration, and that you will know how to control.

Watch out! It is very unadvisable to adopt this position in the middle of a football game, when your boy is watching an important game on TV. However enamored he may be, he may prefer to focus all his attention on Cristiano Ronaldo!

Have sex on the washing machine

The top position: stand on top of the appliance. Buttocks well to the edge. Your dear is standing in front of you. Imprison your legs with your thighs. Through movements, your feet will direct the swing. Your boy’s hands hold your thighs well.

The foot: this position is possible regardless of your height, and not like other postures that occur in the air and that force your boy to pick you up or hold you. In this sexual position, your weight rests on the washing machine, and your boy has his hands free to caress you.

Attention! This position allows a fairly deep penetration and usually men reach orgasm quickly … You can turn on the washing machine at the same time, but avoid spinning

that can cause you a fit of laughter, and deconcentrarte … Have sex on the table The sexy piece of furniture: normally it is usually full of magazines, books … The low table in the living room is hardly used … And it is a shame! Clean up all that mess and start using it again! The posture: your boy climbs on the table and knees, his buttocks resting on his heels. You stand with your back to your boy and lean forward with your legs slightly apart and your feet stay on the ground. The foot: the low height of the table and the fact of leaning on the feet anchored to the floor, guarantees a good balance and reduces muscular effort. Add a spicy touch and place a mirror in front of you.

You can observe your boy’s face and exchange looks full of complicity. A tip: Opt for wooden tables, like teak, they are always more solid than glass tables. We do not want a moment of pleasure to end like the opposite! Having sex in the kitchen The sexy piece of furniture: the bar in the American kitchen. Take advantage and do it in the middle of preparing a meal … You will be the most appetizing dish! The position: get on the bar and lie on your back. Your boy stands in front of you, standing. Lift your legs up and place your feet on your shoulders. Place the pelvis in front of your boy’s sex so that they are on the same level. A sexual position with which you will enjoy a lot! Attention! Sometimes the kitchen bars are raised and if your boy does not have a giraffe height, it could cost him to reach the right level to reach your pelvis. Do not panic! You can propose to climb the small plastic step that you use to reach the high cabinets of your house.

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