The best sexual positions to get pregnant

The best sexual positions to get pregnant

The best sexual positions to get pregnant


When you make the decision to have a baby, the bond between you and your partner becomes even greater. You have to take it as a step in your relationship and above all, look at the most positive side of this common project: your sexual relations will increase considerably! Here you have the most effective.

Of course, you can not subject the pleasure of your sexual relationships to the fact of wanting to have a baby. What’s more, stress could make your task more complicated. However, if you want to find out what sexual positions are the best advised to get pregnant quickly read on.

Although there is currently no official position that is considered more appropriate to become pregnant, we can advise you which are better for penetration is deeper and the sperm does not get lost along the way. Sadly, despite the myth, women do not have to have an orgasm to get pregnant … So, for now we are going to propose a few “unofficial” sexual positions that can help you get pregnant or simply, to experience!

The missionary

It is also considered one of the most romantic positions because, unlike in other positions, you and your boy have a complete visual contact, you can see your expressions, enjoy the looks … Perfect to “make a baby”! But, of course, there are not enough reasons to consider the missionary’s position as one of the best to get pregnant.

When the girls lie on their backs, the vagina leans towards the cervix, thus reaching out to the sperm that tries to reach the ovules. We recommend that for a higher elevation you put a pillow under your hips.

This position can be considered the most monotonous but the most recommended to get pregnant and especially if you have been trying for a while. But here does not end everything, then we are going to show you some of the variations of the missionary position … Let’s practice!

The little doggie

The burning triangle

At first glance it may seem a very similar position to the previous one but in reality it is a variant of the missionary position with some difference. The man gets on all fours. This position allows more space between the hips of the woman and the penis; what allows a better penetration.

In fact, this position is very different from the missionary’s classic because it is the woman who carries the weight of work rocking back and forth. This is more effort for girls, but ensures a much deeper penetration.

The Rock n ‘Roller

It is another variant of the missionary. The initial position is, like that of the missionary, the woman on her back and the man in front of her. We especially like this position, especially by its name: Rock n ‘Roller. In this position the woman is lying on her back with her legs stretched up, as if she were going to roll back while the man is on his knees. It is one of the best positions to get pregnant. In addition, it helps raise the man using his knees at the same time he performs the penetration, making it one of the most comfortable and effective … It’s perfect!

The doggy

Changing style we now propose the position of the puppy or, for the most conservative, “on all fours.”
You will wonder why this posture is recommended to help you get pregnant. First, it allows a deep penetration so that the sperm is as close as possible to the cervix. Second, thanks to the inflection of the woman, the uterus is better prepared to receive the sperm. It is not as romantic a position as that of the missionary but it is certainly more fun! If you think that the puppy is not for you, do not worry because we have more options …

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The magic mountain

The posture of the magic mountain is a variation of the puppy’s posture, but with the advantage that it can be much more comfortable for us. But, this position needs some prior preparation. You have to build your mountain of cushions so that there is no unforeseen at the time of action.

For this position the woman has to kneel leaning on the cushions while the man, also kneeling, stands behind him putting his legs outside hers. A good idea may be to put a few cushions so that the girl has to lean more and thus improve the position of the cervix. With this method, your partner will hug you from behind while at the same time penetrating you … one of the most romantic postures!

The big bear

Another of the recommended positions is that of the greater bear. With this you will exercise mostly your arms and abs, so in addition to pr act sex, you can keep fit. It is one of the best positions to maximize penetration and be sure that the woman has a good inclination. In order to achieve this position, the girls have to rest on the edge of the bed, so the trunk, hips and legs will be suspended in the air (aided by the support of our boy). We will hold part of our weight on the arms and shoulders, while they will be placed behind and between your legs. With their hands they will help us to raise our hips, penetrating us from behind. The spoon This is one of the postures that will allow you to relax while you have a good time with your boy, something essential when you are trying to get pregnant. The position of the spoon is very easy. Both your boy and you will be lying on the bed and towards the same side both. He will hug you from behind, surrounding you with your body and the penetration will be from behind … An excellent posture to be relaxed and to give you affection! The penetration is not as good as with other postures but many times the method of relaxation and being comfortable with your partner is more effective than any sexual posture.

The encerrona The differences between the stance of the encerrona and that of the spoon is very subtle but it has a big difference. In the stance of the encerrona the woman must open her legs a little and around these the boy’s legs are placed. This means that it is a comfortable way for the man (and if the woman wants it) to play with the clitoris, to make the position more entertaining. The pause We could say that technically this position is like that of the spoon, but with some small variation. It is about standing on one side and facing each other.


This is one of the best if you like to enjoy face to face with your partner while you have sex. This position can be practiced even when you are in the middle of the sexual relationship, it can be a moment of calm and affection for both of you. With the sexual posture of the pause the two of you will be lying on your side and with your legs entwined pressing your chest against yours … It is one of the most romantic and relaxed positions that exist! The slope The sexual posture of the slope is not a common name but we prefer to call it that way so that it is easier to understand it. As we have seen in some previous positions, the more inclined the vagina, the cervix will be in a better position and this increases the chances of getting pregnant.

We can say that this position is also one of the best considered for penetration. The girl lies on her back with her legs spread while the boy sits in front of her between her thighs, holding her hips to place them on her lap … The eye contact will be total! If your boy is flexible enough he will be able to kiss you while you practice this posture. If not, it also remains a very romantic posture. The dolphin The dolphin’s posture is one for which you need to be quite flexible. It may require a little more effort but your inclination will be maximum, which is great to benefit from getting pregnant. For the dolphin’s posture, women have to practically make the bridge !, keeping the neck and shoulders on the bed and resting with their hands on the man’s thighs; who will be kneeling in front of her holding her by the hips to be able to penetrate deeper.

At first, you may think that it is a complicated posture, but it is much easier to practice than it seems. The man will be on his knees between the legs of the girl taking her hips and raising them in the air. You will see how the penetration is much greater. If your partner and you are daring, you can go to the next level, that is, the girl does not put her feet on the ground and leave them in the air. Probably, you can not take much in this position because among other things, you can end up a little dizzy.

The butterfly The posture of the butterfly is the last of the sexual postures that we offer to help you get pregnant and with this … You do not have to be in the bedroom to practice it! The posture of the butterfly is also one of the ideals for greater penetration.

The woman will be lying on her back on a flat, elevated surface. You can practice it in bed but the best place to carry it out is a higher surface such as a table. The man, standing, will stand in front of you putting your legs on his shoulders. The girls can therefore support their hands and arms on the surface doing a little bit of strength to help raise our hips. Meanwhile, they will push us from the lower part of the rear for a higher elevation. For this position it is necessary to be fit and have strength in the abdominals nales since that requires a little effort but … we assure you that it is worth practicing! If having a baby is the purpose and it works with one or several of these postures … discover the pregnancy recceleido the baby in just one minute

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