Unleash passion! The best positions to practice oral sex

Unleash passion! The best positions to practice oral sex

Unleash passion! The best positions to practice oral sex


Fellatio and cunnilingus are the most common sexual practices after penetration. Do you want to improve oral sex with your partner? Then do not miss these positions and put them into practice!

Oral sex is one of the most common sexual practices, almost as much as penetration itself. Although it has been a taboo subject throughout history, both fellatio and cunnilingus are now two practices that almost everyone assumes to be practiced within a relationship, as a preliminary. And because they are precisely the star preliminaries, here we bring you the best positions for you to enjoy oral sex with your partner. Take note and unleash passion!

It is done where it is done (in bed, on the sofa, on a table, on the floor), oral sex is always much more intimate and soft than penetration, since in this case the caresses are made with care, with the mouth and the tongue, and in this way pleasure is obtained thanks to the heat and the humidity that they give off. Of course, to practice correctly make sure you have taken care of your intimate hygiene, that you use protection if you do it with a stranger (beware of sexually transmitted diseases!) And above all, that you have enough confidence with your partner or bed partner.

However, although both fellatio and cunnilingus are very pleasant and very common practices as a couple, not everyone will end up pleasing, either because of the body odor of the person in question, out of modesty or embarrassment, for lack of practice, etc. Luckily, the world of preliminaries is very extensive, and there are many other options to warm the environment before penetration. What do you think of these ideas? If your thing is not oral sex and you are looking for more original things, here are 25 other practices to start!

Ideas of original preliminaries

25 ideas of original preliminaries

In any case, if you want to give free rein to passion, try some of the positions we have collected and become an expert in oral sex, we recommend that you use a sex toy or condoms and flavors lubricants, which exist precisely to intensify the sensations in the erogenous zones and can turn a more or less normal practice into an out of the ordinary experience … and much sweeter. Here you have a selection of the best products to enjoy as a couple!

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And you already know what is the key to not get bored in sex: dare to experiment and try new things is essential to avoid falling into the routine. In the variety is the taste, and that is why we recommend you not to close anything in bed. Variants of oral sex, kamasutra postures, different erotic games, sex toys … You can do many things under the sheets! If you want to know what is your level of daring in your sexual relationships and how you could improve even more in your sexual life, this test will get you out of doubt in a moment … Do you dare with him?

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