Get a thousand! The 30 best erotic movies of the cinema

The 30 best erotic movies

Sex has had multiple treatments on the big screen over the years, from the most uninhibited and wild to the most timid and suggestive. And we’re not going to deny it, we all like to see a torrid sex scene, a love and attraction story or a seduction game in a movie every now and then.

And no, we’re not talking about porn. We talk about films that go further and address sexuality in different ways, reflecting on the need for affection, on relationships with three, on unusual sexual practices or even on sex addiction.

Basic instinct, Shame, Eyes Wide Shut, Crash … as we know that your curiosity has stung you, here we bring you 30 high voltage erotic movies that you should see and enjoy, either alone or in company. Surely you will not be disappointed and they will make you spend a different time and who knows if unforgettable. You can not miss it!